Your Health Matters

We live in a generation in which health of the body, mind and soul are given utmost importance. Much of what’s happening around us is centralized on health, in one way or the other.

Take a look around, for yourself. There are gymnasiums, sports complexes, meditation centers, aerobic centers, and new products with claims for health. Plus organic foods, healthier meats, advanced medication, public marathons, even spas and beauty parlors, the list indeed is endless. The one focus customers and producers both share is the need to be healthy.

The big question that comes in here is WHY?

Why DO I need a healthy body and mind?!

Aspects of a healthy mind
Aspects of a healthy mind

The simplest answer to this that goes in the wider sense is that we all want to be ‘happy’ at the end of the day. Now, how health contributes to this ‘happiness’ is a vast topic of discussion. It is an area scientists have been forever researching in and naturally, will do the same in the coming years too.

Another answer to this, which could figure in as a part of the answer of the happiest reason can be that each one of us wants to make his/her life meaningful!

If 4 out of 5 Internet users are searching on Health related topics, (you’re one too!) without doubt, it’s a critical area of interest.

What are the possible benefits that an owner of a healthy mind and body system possesses?

1. No stress!

  • Meditation, as is widely known, relaxes the mind, calms the nerves and is a gateway to release stress.
  • Research shows that exercise or even a small jog increases the release of Norepinephrine in the brain. This chemical has the ability to manage the stress we tend to build up. If you’re the type to rubbish scientific researches, take a jog for yourself when stressed and notice the difference!

2. Fight against Chronic diseases.

In an age, wherein the rate of chronic diseases is on an unfortunate rise, and Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Heart diseases, Strokes etc. are the shocking truth behind 70% of the deaths in the US, fight against chronic diseases is most important.

  • Meditation, researchers say is a strong tool against chronic diseases.
  • Physical fitness is the key to prevention of these fatal diseases.

3. Endorphin Rush!

Experience a rush of the happiness hormone after a quick run (Runner’s High) or exercise. The hormone also makes you less sensitive to pain and reduces anxiety.

4. Elephant’s memory

  • Meditation directly attacks the structure and functions of the brain. Analysts say it sharpens memory and focus and increases attention span.
  • Exercise, Aerobics, in particular is known to increase blood flow in the hippocampus, which plays an important role in memory storage, in the brain.

5. Increased Productivity

Chuck researches for this one. You would know yourself the wonders a small meditative session or a brisk walk have when you feel all stuck up and unproductive.

6. Bring out the creative birdy in you!

A surprising research shows a cardio session can boost your creativity for up to 2 hours after the workout.

7. Rehabilitation at home

  • Meditation help one connect with his inner self. And in doing so, addicts sooner or later question the purpose of their being and explore creative possibilities leaving the world of addiction.

8. A more beautiful you!

Looking beautiful is mainly about feeling beautiful.

  • Exercise not just reduces those extra inches; it releases hormones from within to bring about a sense of well-being, healthiness and happiness which simply shows! When exercising it is important to have the correct diet and protein intake if you are looking to add muscle
  • On connecting on a spiritual level with yourself (Meditation), you discover yourself and there’s nothing more liberating than accepting yourself. The calm brings out an unmatched spiritual radiance.

To list here, these are just 8 benefits of being healthy. But if you can read between the lines, these magic 8 benefits are the world to anyone who’s even slightly enthusiastic about his life!

It must also be noted that health of the body and mind are not independent. It’s a widely known fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Work on the body results in effect on the mind and vice versa.

Go out, take a jog, feel the magic for yourself!

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